1a.         Applicants MUST complete the Correct visa Application Form (Ghana Embassy - Washington               DC visa application form). The application form is available at the Embassy’s website:               www.ghanaembassydc.org, under visa and consular affairs)

1b.      Applicant must include his/her actual/original passport  or Travel Document

2.          Full Name on Application MUST match the Name in the Passport

3.          Passport /Travel Document must be at least six (6) months Valid, with available visa Page/space

4.          Include 2 Original Passport Size photographs, NOT PHOTOCOPIES,

              They must be formal, have a white clear background (Size: 2x2)

5.          Provide two (2) Contact Persons/places in Ghana /Indicate if Hotel/Guest House etc.

               (Applicant MUST indicate the full name, complete address and tel. no/s)  If you are               transiting, you must provide your destination address, name of contact person, and tel. No.

6a.         Attach helpful supporting document/s relating to your purpose of journey; e.g. for                                    Business, attach a Business Invitation letter from Ghana and an Introductory letter                                from your Employer; For schooling, include a copy of your Admission letter from the                                         school you will be attending in Ghana & your current institution/school in the US;                                     for Employment, add a copy of your Employment letter; & for Official purposes, attach                           all pertinent documentation in that regard. All letters must be signed by the authors,                             and be on letterheads.

6b         Volunteers/interns must provide pertinent document/s from Ghana as well as from the              institutions/organizations of their respective countries to support their claims.  They MUST

              include for e.g. invitation letters from the institutions they will be volunteering for,      as well as introductory letters from their own respective institutions/affiliations of their             home countries.

6c.       Tourists must provide the following: photocopy of applicant’s bank statement;             photocopy of proof of hotel reservations; Provide possible sightseeing places you will be             visiting in Ghana. Please do not carry over $10.000 into the country without declaring it.

6d.       For Fiancée visas, applicants must include the biodata page of the passport of the partner             in Ghana, a copy of voter ID, complete address and telephone number

7.          Provide complete Residential Addresses and Tel. No/s in the USA where required.

               (If you are not a US citizen, provide the address in the country you live in)

8           Name of Employer (company/org)/School; full Address and Tel. Number

9.          Clearly/legibly write your email address at the bottom of the visa application form

10a.       Applicants MUST Include the required Processing Fee/s (Original Money Order (USD/) /                            (NOTA COPY) (Personal/Company checks not acceptable)

10b.      Processing fee MUST be US MONEY ORDER & MUST be the EXACT AMOUNT

10c       Money order must be payable to The Ghana Embassy/Embassy of Ghana

10d.      Processing fees are non-refundable

11a.      Application must be typed/completed in Black Inc. (If possible in BLOCK letters).

12b.      Applicants must answer all questions on the form leaving no question unanswered.

              The Visa Application Form MUST be Signed and Dated

13.        Non-US passport holders must provide proof of US residency permits to qualify for a Ghana               visa in the US (Photocopies)



14.        Pertinent Requirements for Minors/Under 18 Years of Age:

Ø  Letter/s of Consent signed by both Parents  ( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Ø  Photocopy/ies of Birth Certificate/s (The Embassy will not be responsible for original birth certificate/s if you send original/s instead of copies)

Ø  Photocopies of  both Parents’  Photo IDs (to Support the Child’s application)

Ø  (In single parent situations, attach proof of documentation to that effect (legal document/s) )


Mailing Address:

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T: 202-686-4520

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