The Coronavirus Pandemic has ravaged communities world-wide. Thousands of precious lives have been lost, and millions now unemployed. And it is not in doubt that the impact in our country could be equally devastating if we do not manage the crisis well by sustaining our ongoing efforts.


Our Partners:

Ghana Mission in New York

Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation

Ghanaian Public Health Association, USA

Ghanaian Pharmacists Association N.A.

North America Ghana Nurses Foundation

The Church of Pentecost USA INC (COPUSA INC)

North America Ghanaian Seventh-Day Adventists

Presbyterian Church of Ghana, North America/Australian Presbytery

International Central Gospel Church (ICCG), USA

Roman Catholic Church, USA

The Council of Ghanaian Associations of the Washington Metro Area

Ghana Association of Medical Aid
Association of Ghanaian Advanced Practice Nurses Abroad (AGAPNA)

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