The Education section of the Embassy is tasked with steering the affairs of the Ghana Government sponsored students in the United States as its priority. In this regard, it serves as liaison for the students, their respective institutions of studies and the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat. Please note that the Education Section or for that matter the Embassy does not offer or arrange for scholarships to students. All sponsorships originate from the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat.

The Education section also handles “No Objection” applications for J1 visa holders by forwarding the request of the applicants to Ghana (The Scholarships Secretariat) on behalf of the applicants and if and when approved, the Embassy notifies the US State Department as well as the applicants. 

No Objection Guidelines

The Scholarships Review Committee in Accra, Ghana processes applications for 'NO OBJECTION' letter.

In order to forward your request, it is required that you submit your full résumé, indicating source of financing for every stage of your education both in Ghana and in the USA.

Kindly explain how you came by the J-1 Visa, and attach photocopies of the relevant pages of your passport which bear your J-1 Visa, photograph, name, date & place of issue. Please include any other documents that could assist the committee to determine your eligibility. Remember to include the following details:

·        Full name, date and place of birth

·        Date and place of entry to USA on first J-visa, and any subsequent J-visas

·        Program number and skills category for the first and subsequent IAP-66 forms

·        Full residential address in USA, Alien's Registration number if known; and

·        Waiver/case# acquired from the US Department of State

·        $100.00 non-refundable processing fee (money order) to be made payable to "The Education Office/Embassy of Ghana".


Send two (2) copies of your application to the address below:


TO: The Scholarships Review Committee

C/o Chief of Staff

Office of the President

P.O. Box 1627

The Castle, Osu,

Accra, Ghana


THRU:The Education Officer

C/o Chief of Staff

Embassy of Ghana

3512 International Dr. NW

Washington, DC 20008

Mailing Address:

3512 International Drive NW

Washington DC. 20008 


T: 202-686-4520

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