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Welcome to the Information, Public Affairs and Media Department of the Embassy of Ghana.

This department provides answers to your questions about Ghana, its culture, traditions and institutions.  Additionally, the department is in charge of briefing various groups and educational institutions about Ghana in its entirely,  through educational tours as well as group visits upon request.

Periodically, the department also organizes cultural exhibitions and enactments of Ghana's rich  traditions.  

To obtain information for school projects as well as on other matters, please feel free to contact us 


Tel:  202-686-4520 ext  647, 643 or 503

Fax: 202-686-4527


or feel free to call in to our office in Washington DC, where we will be happy to meet and assist you.

Press Accreditation 

·        All United States and other Foreign Correspondents wishing to visit Ghana are required to complete an Application for Press Accreditation

·        In addition to the application, the Embassy requires two passport-size photographs.  The completed application will be forwarded to the Director of Information Services Department in Accra for processing. To avoid delays, the Mission recommends that applicants send in their application at least 14 days prior to proposed date of travel.

·        Applicants should include a letter from employer stating the nature of work the applicant would be performing in Ghana.  If applicant is working in collaboration with Ghanaian organizations, an additional letter would be required from the organization.

·        Upon arrival in the country, correspondents should report at the Information Services Department for accreditation before they undertake any assignment. A fee is charged in Ghana for the issue of press cards to foreign correspondents.

·        In the event of the need for correspondents to travel at short notice to cover breaking news in Ghana, permission can be sought from the Director of Information Services in Accra through the Embassy.

·        It is important to note that accreditation requests are processed prior to visa applications thus, Mission recommends that requests for press accreditation and visa be mailed together for processing.  

·        Whiles in Ghana, it is also important for journalist and correspondents  to note is that personnel of the Armed forces, Police, Immigration, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS) and Prisons should not be photographed, filmed or interviewed without prior permission being sought through the Director of Information Services.

Mailing Address:

3512 International Drive NW

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T: 202-686-4520

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